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Map objects onto another object using its active UV coordinates.

Blender’s material displacement features can be powerful, but they have the following drawbacks:

  • The base mesh has to be highly subdivided.
  • It can be difficult to generate a resulting object that can be edited or exported.
  • Standard displacement uses height maps, so it can be difficult to create objects that have features that turn in on themselves, like piping.

The Mesh Materializer has been created to help you address these problems.


  • Apply source objects onto a target object either by face or whole object selection, or an optional paint mode. A new object is then created.
  • Source object UVs and materials are transferred to the newly created object.
  • Newly created object can be added to again and again.
  • Remove parts of the created object with a delete mode.
  • Clean up tools are then available for the created object, such as:
    • Dissolve cuts made by the target object.
    • Removing unwanted sliced objects.
    • Filling holes made by the cuts.